A Serial Entrepreneur’s Success Secrets Shared

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Success Secrets Shared


Having been a small business columnist at The Wall Street Journal and business makeover consultant for MSNBC, Mike Michalowicz knows a thing or two about how to scale a business. He has since founded and sold two multimillion-dollar companies.

Mike sold his first company to a private equity firm and his second to a Fortune 500 company. At age 26, he was awarded the New Jersey Small Business Association’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Since then he has created and written the book Profit First, which helps businesses attain early and sustained profitability to scale and grow faster. He followed those books with Clockwork and Fix This Next. His latest, Get Different, is all about can’t-ignore business marketing.

His purpose is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty and help business owners achieve their long-term personal and professional goals.

I’m honored to be joined by Mike on Thursday, December 15 as we both present for Small Business Tech Day. This is a free event for small business leaders and owners to discover the best technology and practices to increase their profitability and protect them from online threats.

Mike’s going to share how, given the current economy, businesses can have their best growth ever and make more money.

We’ll be streaming live from Washington State and also be joined by Former FBI Counter-Terrorism And Counterintelligence Operative Eric O’Neill and Shark Tank Celebrity Kevin O’Leary.

Reserve your spot now at https://smallbusinesstechday.com/washingtonstate/ to get free access to the event and be reminded when we are LIVE!