Changes to our Agreements

Effective 7/1/17, the following text replaces the “NON-SOLICITATION” section of all of our agreements:

Non-Solicitation. Each party hereto acknowledges that the other party expends considerable time and resources identifying, hiring, contracting with, and training employees and subcontractors. Neither party will, directly or indirectly, recruit or hire any current or former employee or subcontractor of the other party during the term of this Agreement and for one (1) year thereafter, provided, however, that the foregoing clause shall not be deemed to prevent such party from advertising any position in a newspaper of general circulation or Internet posting which is not specifically targeted at the other party’s employees or subcontractors. Each party agrees to stop pursuing candidates identified as current or former employees or subcontractors of the other party. If a party decides to hire or contract with a former employee or subcontractor of the other party during the term of this agreement or one year after, such party agrees to pay the other party six times the employee’ or subcontractor’s full time annual compensation.

Effective 11/17/2021, for older Master Services Agreements that do not already include the text below, the following has been added to section 4.0 "Fees and Payment:"

4.1 The fees and other amounts owed to CGTS for the Services will be as set forth in the applicable Service Plan Addendum or SOW. Notwithstanding the foregoing, flat fees and hourly rates set forth in a Service Plan Addendum or SOW are subject to an automatic annual increase (as of the first day of each calendar year) of five percent (5%). Annual increases in rates may be adjusted up to a maximum of ten percent (10%), upon at least thirty (30) days’ notice from CGTS to Client.