Green Statement

At CG Tech Services, we’re committed to finding more environmentally friendly ways to do business and give our customers the reliable technologies and support they need. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, and minimize our carbon footprint.

Save energy and resources:

  • We use 80 Plus-certified energy efficient power supplies for our office computers and for repairing clients’ computers.
  • We have switched most of our lighting to energy efficient LED and compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • We use motion sensor-activated and auto-timer power strips for non-critical office equipment to ensure that devices draw power only when in use.
  • We use only 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC certified paper products in our office.
  • We email invoices and accept credit cards in an effort to migrate to a paperless office.
  • We use remanufactured (recycled) toner cartridges when printing is necessary.

Reduce vehicle emissions:

  • When possible, we troubleshoot remotely by using screen sharing technologies to save time and reduce travel.
  • We try to drop ship packages directly from our distributor's warehouse to our clients to avoid additional emissions from excess shipping.

Recycle responsibly:

  • We reuse as many shipping boxes and packing supplies as we can and share excess supplies with the local shipping store.
  • After secure wiping of media to eliminate all personal information, we responsibly recycle old computers, servers, printers, phone equipment, wiring, and many other items by using a certified e-waste recycler.

Support greener power alternatives:

  • We’ve joined the Seattle City Light Green Up wind power sponsoring program.
  • We offer web hosting through a solar-powered facility. This is better than being carbon neutral, as there are no emissions to offset.

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